A Micro, Vintage Chapel Wedding in Western North Carolina

Xhavier and Shannon, A Wedding Story

Accountant meets Gamer!  These two love birds have been together for basically half of their lives, since Shannon was 16.  Their love story is quite unique and so are they!  They met in an online chat room when chat rooms weren’t even really a thing yet.  It was love at first… well not sight, because they had never even seen each other!  They were already in love before they had even met! They finally met in person right before she graduated high school and they have been together ever since.  Even though marriage was not a priority for this couple at first and for many years,  their love and committment to each other has lasted.  Together, they have made it through out-of-state moves, job changes,  two children, health issues and multiple surgeries .They finally decided if their love can make it through all that, well their marriage would too.  This is a couple still truly in love, even after 16 years.  Shannon works in accounting and is a sweet, kind, quiet girl.    Xhavier is a happy, outgoing guy and gamer.  Together, Shannon and Xhavier are the perfect pair who have two very sweet and adorable boys.  The couple decided they didn’t want to see each other before the wedding.  One thing that really stuck out to me after their wedding, is when they walked out of the chapel after the ceremony, Xhavier said , “Oh my goodness Shannon you look amazing!  You look so beautiful!”  He was still completely blown away just looking at her!  After 16 years!!  I just love this couple and their family!!

Shannon and Xhavier were married at a newly opened venue in Burke County called Bridgewater Hall.  This charming estate has a very relaxed ,vintage vibe to it. You can dress it up or dress it down.   It was a perfect for this couple’s big day since Shannon, Xhavier and their two boys decided to dress it down with their converse tennis shoes. A family favorite!  They looked adorable.2019-03-21_00492019-03-21_0032


2019-03-24_0006Shannon’s sister helped her get ready. 2019-03-24_00112019-03-21_00852019-03-24_00032019-03-24_00102019-03-21_0024Shannon wore Converse Tennis shoes with her wedding dress.  Her mother helped her get ready along with her sister.  2019-03-21_00862019-03-21_01012019-03-21_00162019-03-21_0005Her boys also wore Converse tennis shoes.  They were so cute and well behaved!2019-03-21_00042019-03-21_00112019-03-21_00142019-03-21_00502019-03-21_00792019-03-21_00642019-03-21_00462019-03-21_0093Shannon’s father walked her down the aisle.2019-03-21_00422019-03-21_00512019-03-21_00632019-03-21_00522019-03-21_00442019-03-24_00042019-03-21_00412019-03-21_00452019-03-21_00702019-03-21_0054The stained glass window in the chapel came from an old church that had been torn down in Black Mountain.  2019-03-21_00692019-03-21_00662019-03-21_00182019-03-21_00022019-03-21_00072019-03-21_00572019-03-21_00652019-03-21_00712019-03-21_0029This venue has it all.  In addition to the the newly renovated Chapel, Bridgewater Hall is a an elegant home with all the details of southern charm such as this two story porch overlooking the courtyard perfect for outside dining. (shown above).2019-03-21_00352019-03-21_00682019-03-24_00122019-03-21_00972019-03-19_00942019-03-19_00112019-03-21_00762019-03-21_01252019-03-21_0048The desserts were made by My Mobile Bakery in Morganton.2019-03-21_00592019-03-19_0088This house has so much character and charm throughout.  Little details throughout the home make it feel so welcoming.  2019-03-21_00102019-03-21_00342019-03-21_01002019-03-21_00362019-03-21_0030Garden Gate Downtown made all the flower arrangements.  They were all so lovely.2019-03-21_00282019-03-21_00832019-03-21_00942019-03-21_00772019-03-21_00532019-03-21_00812019-03-21_0074These two have so much joy and it shows!  I wish them and their family many, many more years of happiness together!

Venue: Bridgewater Hallwww.historicbridgewaterhall.com

Flowers: Garden Gate Downtown www.gardengatefloralshoppe.com

Desserts: My Mobile Bakery





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