Chatham Family Vacation| Bahamas 2019

School is back in session and summer is officially over so  I thought I would share our pictures from our family vacation this year.  We went on a cruise to the Bahamas.    We have been on several cruises before, but I must say this was probably my favorite as far as destinations and excursions. We visited Princess Cay (a private island) which was wonderful, then we went to Blue Lagoon Beach in Nassau.  BLUE LAGOON WAS AMAZING!  There was no disappointment at all!  Michael and the kids did a dolphin swim there, which was a bucket list item for Grace.  She has wanted to do that since she was little.  I decided not to participate because I wanted to watch and take pictures.  Blue Lagoon Beach looks like something from Gilligan’s Island. The water is cleaner than most swimming pools.   It was paradise.  I didn’t want to leave and if we ever go back to Nassau that is where you will find me!

The cruise was so relaxing and just what Michael and I needed.  The kids had a great time too! And we managed to still love each other even after we all 4 stayed in one tiny cabin together all week! LOL!  Grace enjoyed watching people sing karokee and Ben enjoyed the water slide and the pool (which the kids called Human Soup because the water was so hot and it was full of people.  Standing room only).  Michael enjoyed some much needed down time, no cell phones and the burger bar.  I also enjoyed the much needed dowtime and was able to catch up on some reading. We had an amazing waiter named Henry that completely spoiled us and a magician that would come around to our table every evening and completely blow our minds with the tricks up his sleeve. Ha! Enjoy the pictures from our vacay,  they are just in random order.





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