RK Ervin Accountant|Headshots

Rebecca Ervin is an accountant here in Morganton and needed some updated headshots for her business.  I  have known Rebecca for many years and she is such a wonderful lady.  She is professional, kind and caring.   Rebecca and her staff are so friendly and make you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door. Her office is in Carbon City directly across from Ingles.   If you find yourself in need of some professional tax advise or help you should give her a call. Check out her beautiful headshots.  2019-08-10_00292019-08-10_00382019-08-10_00372019-08-10_00302019-08-10_00312019-08-10_00212019-08-10_00272019-08-10_00062019-08-10_00262019-08-10_00392019-08-10_00282019-08-10_00252019-08-10_00202019-08-10_00232019-08-10_00182019-08-10_00172019-08-10_00162019-08-10_00102019-08-10_00112019-08-10_00132019-08-10_00092019-08-10_00052019-08-10_00022019-08-10_00012019-08-10_00032019-08-10_00042019-08-10_0012Rebecca, Thank you for having me do your headshots and for your friendship.

All the best!


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