Elena|Spring Portrait Session at McGalliard Falls Park, Valdese, NC

This little girl has stolen my heart!  I have been taking her pictures since she was a month old!  She has always been so easy-going, good-natured and very easy to photograph.  Now that she is walking, no make that RUNNING , and this girl is on the move! One minute she was stopping to pick a flower the next she was running as fast as she could from us!!!  Luckily for this session at McGalliard Falls, we had plenty of help from her Daddy (Jason) and cousin( Jimmy) running to catch her before she got away. As quick as she is, we decided best not to get too close the waterfalls.  I think we all pretty much got our days worth of exercise in during this one hour session.  Elena is still such a joy to photograph.  She is so playful and  has the sweetest personality with just the right amount of spunk!2019-05-11_00022019-05-11_00012019-05-11_00562019-05-11_00052019-05-11_00062019-05-11_00032019-05-11_00092019-05-11_00082019-05-11_00282019-05-11_00242019-05-11_00432019-05-11_00232019-05-11_00162019-05-11_0030That look!!  I thnk she was massaging Jason’s head!!2019-05-11_00342019-05-11_00452019-05-11_00272019-05-11_00202019-05-11_00512019-05-11_0033There is that sweetness I was talking about!2019-05-11_00402019-05-11_00312019-05-11_00552019-05-11_00392019-05-11_00372019-05-11_00532019-05-11_0035Jimmy is such a good sport.  She served him some of her finest tea.2019-05-11_00102019-05-11_00542019-05-11_00292019-05-11_0021Elena loves her cousin Jimmy!  2019-05-11_00362019-05-11_00072019-05-11_00222019-05-11_00482019-05-11_00522019-05-11_00502019-05-11_0026Spunky and sweet!2019-05-11_00412019-05-11_0038Elena, thank you for the workout!  Keep it sassy you sweet girl!

All the best~


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