I recently met Samantha (Sam for short) for bridal portraits right before her wedding at Bridgewater Hall in Morganton, NC.  When I first met Sam she had a very familiar face to me and I noticed she had  a very calm and sweet nature about her.   I felt like we were old friends.  Sam looked beautiful and of course you can tell by the pictures she is an absolutely stunning bride!  Wearing her hair down and an empire waisted dress was perfect for this relaxed venue.  During our time together she showed me her something old, something new,  something borrowed and something blue.  One of the items was a sixpence coin.  I asked her the meaning behind it and she read me the story about the sixpence.  A sixpence is a lucky silver coin that is a symbol of love, wealth and good luck.  How very fitting for her special day!

I immediately fell in love with Bridgewater Hall!  The historic home has so much to offer couples looking for a micro wedding venue. It has it’s very own newly renovated wedding chapel (that use to be a country store), a plush bridal suite,  a gazebo overlooking the river and a lovely courtyard with a rock fireplace for outside dining.  The home itself is so charming and offers variety with its traditional dining room, formal library and beautiful two-story porches. This place is just full of elegance and southern charm.

Michael Gavin, the new owner , is a visionary.  He has been “flipping houses” since he was 18!  He worked 3 jobs as a teen to save up enough money to purchase his first home that he flipped 6 months later for a profit.   Michael has always admired Bridgewater Hall.  In fact,  he purchased his last flip 2 years ago in Burke county in hopes that one day Bridgewater Hall would be for sale and he could buy it.  He worked day and night along with his two sons on that home so that when he sold it he would make enough money to purchase Bridgewater if it ever became available. Well all that hard work paid off because when Bridgwater became for sale he immediately purchased it!  His family has poured so much time, hard work and love into this property and it shows.   Owning and operating Bridgewater Hall is a dream come true for Michael and his family.

2019-03-19_0032Her vintage style, empire waist dress was perfect for this relaxed venue.2019-03-19_0026The Sixpence for love, wealth and good luck.  2019-03-19_00092019-03-19_00202019-03-19_00182019-03-19_00462019-03-20_0009The newly renovated Chapel that was once an old country store.  Michael, the new owner, found the stained glass window from an old church in Black Mountain that was torn down.  There is so much history and care put into this property.  I love it!2019-03-20_00102019-03-20_00072019-03-20_00062019-03-20_00042019-03-19_0007Garden Gate Downtown Florist made all the flower arrangements and decorated the chapel with greenery. 2019-03-19_00372019-03-19_00252019-03-19_00192019-03-19_00222019-03-19_00212019-03-19_00122019-03-19_00082019-03-19_00502019-03-19_00852019-03-19_00402019-03-19_00642019-03-19_00432019-03-19_00562019-03-19_00022019-03-19_00582019-03-19_00612019-03-19_00862019-03-19_00522019-03-19_00512019-03-19_00532019-03-20_00112019-03-19_00392019-03-19_0029My Mobile Bakery made the cake and all the desserts. YUM! Garden Gate Downtown Florist made all the floral arrangements and bouquets. So Beautiful!2019-03-19_00132019-03-19_00822019-03-19_00792019-03-19_00692019-03-19_00282019-03-19_00332019-03-19_00362019-03-19_00162019-03-19_00052019-03-19_00352019-03-19_00452019-03-19_00012019-03-19_00152019-03-19_00732019-03-19_00042019-03-19_00242019-03-19_00172019-03-19_00492019-03-19_00772019-03-19_00702019-03-19_00712019-03-19_00232019-03-19_0006  Sam, you are a beautiful bride and I wish you all the best. I hope your wedding was YOUR dream come true!



Venue: Bridgewater Hall, Morganton NC

Flowers: Garden Gate Downtown, Morganton, NC

Cake: My Mobile Bakery, Morganton, NC



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