Jared & Bekah| A Traditional Church Wedding|First Baptist Church|Morganton, NC

When Bekah reached out to me about her wedding, I immediately felt a connection to her! She was such a sweet, respectful girl, having a traditional church wedding and it reminded me so much of myself 25 years ago when I got married! A couple things that really touched me about this wedding is that she is a minister’s daughter (like me) and her dad walked her down the aisle to give her away and THEN he performed the ceremony as the minister. Her dad spoke about Bekah and told stories about her growing up and how he always knew she would grow up and be “just fine”. With her and Jared, side by side, he knew that now with their marriage and life together, she would still be “just fine”. SO SWEET! The other thing that I thought was so touching is how close the bride is with her parents and sisters. Her family was so supportive and loving to Bekah on her big day. I have always loved the architecture of this big, beautiful, white church that is a landmark of Morganton. The town I live in and love!

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